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The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® (HWH) Self-Assessment is a scientifically validated health-risk assessment specifically developed over seven years to assess 28 key dimensions of a balanced life in both individuals and populations and track changes of those dimensions over time both individually and in aggregate.

University Students

In a study performed at a Research I University, students who took the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Self-Assessment, received their personalized results, and attended weekly workshops, reported the following when they repeated the assessment after nine weeks:

  • a 34% improvement in Emotional Wellness

  • a 23% improvement in Overall Life Satisfaction

  • an 18% improvement in Well-being and Overall Health, and

  • marked improvement across all but one dimension



The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Self-Assessment program is also utilized by conscious companies, including Whole Foods Market, Texas Monthly, and SolarWinds, giving employees individual feedback on areas of strength and opportunities for improvement while also providing leadership with the ability to track the overall health, well-being, and effectiveness of their employees. It also allows the companies to assess the effectiveness of their employee wellness programming quantitatively. 



We have found this program to be incredibly effective for individuals as well. Here is a review given by a program participant. 


“I came to Dr. Leit because I was having trouble in my job, career, and with my manager. … [After taking the self-assessment], she walked me through some techniques to disrupt the patterns I had created in my life. I have only two regrets. a) That I did not come to her sooner, and b) that I don't really have a good reason to see her again.”

About the Assessment 

Happy Whole Human has partnered with Brillium, an enterprise-grade assessment solutions provider based in Florida, to deliver the health-risk assessment at scale with the capability of deploying and reporting on millions of assessments per month while also providing individualized growth-oriented feedback for every single one. 


The assessment is fully EEOC and HIPAA compliant and has been scientifically validated by the Validation Institute. It is quantitative and allows for rich aggregate data reporting. Armed with the appropriate data, you will be able to engage in targeted interventions for at-risk individuals and groups long before things reach a crisis point. You can also track custom Key Performance Indicators, measure specific program effectiveness, reallocate resources more efficiently, and empower front line workers. 


We look forward to the opportunity to fully present the HWH Self-Assessment to you and show you how you can use it to improve individual and organizational well-being. Together, we can help participants to enjoy a balanced life, quality relationships, and a positive outlook on their future!

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